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At the 2018 E3 Game Show held in Los Angeles, the Xbox black and green color cheap  Air Jordan I Mid shoes worn by Xbox spokespersons and senior executives were exposed at the June 10th US press conference. If there is a player who goes to the E3 scene, in addition to seeing the special color matching shoes worn by the Xbox spokesperson, you can also feel the influence of the game on the life culture.

Air Jordan is licensed by former NBA legendary Michael Jeffrey Jordan. NIKE’s sports shoes brand has been in the market for more than 33 years since its inception, and has been loved by many diehard supporters.

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These cheap Jordans are made from high-quality suede by Jordan Brand. After careful observation, the Xbox and Air Jordan logos are on the upper and insole. In addition, four different color laces are introduced simultaneously, including Black, gray, dark green and light green, the Xbox logo on the shoelace adds some play.

The most special thing about these cheap Jordan shoes is the sole that shines in the dark. The inspiration comes from the Xbox logo that lights up when the Xbox is turned on, which is low-key but compelling.


If you have a trip to the Los Angeles Convention Center 2018 E3 Game Show this week, you can take a look at these unique cheap Air Jordans on www.ebuyjordans.com.

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale

Earlier, it was reported that cheap Jordans sale officially released the 2018 Reissue Air Jordan XI “Concord”, which re-enacted the 100-year-old Air Jordan XI in 1995, loyal to the patent leather material, the Nike Air logo on the insole, the original Jordans shoes box and The most important heel “45” is restored one by one.

The Hong Kong area will also open the lottery channel from 11:00 am on December 4 to 11:00 am on December 5th. You can then go to the webpage to fill in the information for the lottery. The winner will go to the designated store to buy it. I don’t know how many years to wait, you still have the opportunity to sign.

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The Cheap Air Jordans 11 “Concord”, which is about to return to the end of the year, is undoubtedly a good heart for all the old shoe fans this year. The most popular and classic of the cheap Jordan shoes 11, every detail exposure is highly concerned by the fans. It is confirmed that it will be officially released on December 8th.

cheap air jordans
cheap air jordans

The cheap Air Jordan 11 “Concord” re-enacted this year is made of black lacquered leather and leather canvas collar that is close to the first year. It was once only the No. 45 of cheap Jordans PE. Different from the past.

cheap jordans
cheap jordans

Except for the large patent leather and the heel of the 45th, the ice blue and blue are brighter and brighter, which is different from the previous version.

Recently, the shoe box was also exposed for the first time. It is quite surprising that the drawer type has not been adopted in recent years, but it has been changed to the first year.

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale

The bright red Jumpman Logo and cheap Jordans sale leaps above the black packaging to create a rich retro atmosphere.

Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “UNC” color has released the news that will return last week, and this time for you to release the official Hong Kong channel. The design of the shoes is based on the deconstructed style of the previous Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “The Ten”, and then infused with the classic Air Jordan 1 “UNC” blue and white color. The shoe body is of course added with red straps, “Off” -White for NIKE, “AIR”, orange labels and other iconic words and design as a shoe for rich details.

At present, it is not known whether the shoe support is made of plastic material, and the familiar XI transparent cover does not appear.

American rapper Eminem recently confirmed that the famous Air Jordan 4 “Encore” color will be engraved in 2018, but the legendary number is only 23 pairs.

Eminem and Jordan for sale jointly launched the Air Jordan 4 in 2005, based on his 2004 album Encore. It was said that only 50 pairs of friends or friends were sent to Eminem. .

This pair of Air Jordan 4 Encore is one of the most classic co-branded shoes in the history of sneakers. It is also the object of sneaker collectors. The new price is about 70,000 US dollars in the market, and 25,000 US dollars in second-hand. In the 23 double engravings, Eminem will take out 1 pair for charity activities, and fans will donate $10 to get a raffle ticket. Finally, all donations will be used in Amu’s hometown of Detroit. Community reconstruction activities.

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Before selling cheap Jordans shoes, Guan Monon is a physical education teacher. The process of sneakers is no different from other shoes. Last year, Guan Monon met a “channel” of a Hong Kong sports retail store responsible for replenishment through a friend’s introduction, so that he could get the Jordan shoes sale at a very low price.

cheap Jordans
cheap Jordans

“At the beginning of this year, another Nike clearing shop was opened near my home. There are a total of five in the country.” With the convenience of the warehouse of the home logistics company, his inventory can be maintained at around 2,000 pairs of cheap Jordans for sale, and the monthly sales can reach up to 1,000,000, almost a shoulder to a Nike retail store.

“Nike and Adi are fighting in the past two years. Many products will be retired to discount stores in the past 3-6 months. Now they basically return to the discount store in one month. It can’t be finished on the shelves. Two or three hundred running shoes. It’s almost like Li Ningpike, but you are wearing Nike.”

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale

Every time you change the season, you will go to the bulk to sweep the cheap Jordans sale. His circle of friends updated 20 news articles about “new shelves” and claimed that they are the lowest price in the whole network, which is lower than Taobao.

The impact of changes in the Internet environment on these cheap Jordan shoes vendors is greater than expected. When the traffic of Taobao is increasingly concentrated in the big stores, the living space of the small stores becomes very small. Jerry recently planned to shut down her Taobao store. “For example, a pair of red and black 11, I put 2900 on Taobao, and the big store sells 4000 (still sold), you can’t help.”

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Air Jordans

In extreme cases, many high-profile online stores do not need physical inventory at all. As long as customers come to the door, they can quickly transfer cheap Air Jordans from other stores. This kind of shop is called “smuggler”, and the transferred goods are called “mouth goods.” The risk brought by the transfer of goods is that the source of goods is opaque, and it is not uncommon to accidentally incorporate fakes.

Mai Junnan, the owner of Kickscrew, the biggest sponsor of 10 tables at Sneaker Con, said that the recent economic downturn is not good. “In the past, every pair of shoes in Jordan had to be sold at a price higher than the original price of a few hundred or a thousand. Now it’s all The discount is out.” Kickscrew has been established for nearly 5 years and currently has Taobao, Tmall International and its own website. “Just wait for the eleven pairs of twelve. We probably have four or five thousand pairs of shoes not sold yet.”

cheap retro Jordans
cheap retro Jordans

When cheap retro Jordans shoes are not hot and frequently discounted, shoe dealers only use low prices to attract customers, and thus explore a set of sales methods similar to gambling.

For example, a Nike official website just got a new sneaker, and the shoe dealer will sell it directly at a discount of 60% off. “First save the money, wait for the official website to get 60% off and then the next order, and then return the original price of the order according to the 30-day return policy.”

wholesale Jordans sale
wholesale Jordans sale

Some analysts believe that Nike must now control the speed of wholesale Jordans sale, perhaps to save the decline in the secondary market. Its recently announced collaboration with Off-White is widely considered to be a strong shot.

“Nike’s sales are so dependent on the influence of NBA stars. It’s a good thing to connect with a designer who owns a popular fashion brand.” Adam Padilla, co-founder of brand consultancy Brandfire, recently accepted the trend media Hyperbeast said in an interview.

But carefully discerning the design philosophy of this collaboration, you can still feel that the 10 double-linked models rebuilt by Virgil Abloh still emphasize the existing technology and design system of the sports brand, instead of creating a brand new one like Yeezy. style.

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Cheap Jordans 1 High GS “BHM”

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In many people’s eyes, gold may be the color that more boys like. In fact, this is not the case. Girls also like golden jewelry. For example, this cheap Air Jordan 1 High GS “BHM” is also a male model, so Meet the needs of many lovers shoes. And for the degree of love of cheap Air Jordan 1, the sister is no less than the man.

cheap air jordans
cheap air jordans

Cheap Air Jordans 1 High GS “BHM” The tongue is still the velcro design of the men’s section, and its unique origin is illustrated by the black moon theme BHM and the flying man logo. Compared with the men’s models, this shoe has more amazing features. The cheap Jordan shoes create an overall effect surrounded by liquid metal, and the use of black is a tribute to historical heritage.

cheap jordans for sale
cheap jordans for sale

The use of the white outsole is to balance the visual effect of the cheap Jordans sale, which brings the graceful atmosphere to a new level. This kind of eye-catching effect is presumably the love of many cheap Jordans for sale.

cheap jordans for sale
cheap jordans for sale

Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Metallic Gold”

There is such a kind of shoes that you won’t forget if you look at it. Maybe you don’t know its name, but you will remember it exactly like Air Foamposite designed by Eric Avar. “Series shoes. This year is also the 20th anniversary of the “Spray Bubble” series. In such a commemorative year, Nike Air Foamposite Pro is also frequently acting. After the highly acclaimed “Metallic Sliver” liquid silver is released, it will be Welcome to Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Metallic Gold”.

cheap retro Jordans
cheap retro Jordans

The production of “foaming” cheap retro Jordans, the coatings involved are quite special, as well as hydraulic polyurethane cooling and one-shot molding processes are quite special, it is these special characteristics that make cheap Air Jordan Retro a natural future And stylish temperament. The metallic luster of the upper itself is combined with the popular liquid metal color of these years, giving a feeling of gorgeous domineering. In addition to the overall exquisite, the details are the same, the golden carbon fiber texture is attached to the concave shape of the upper itself, the black lining and the all black outsole remove some of the faint color, and add a unique Calm and solemn, so that the shoes have more refined attributes.

Nike Air Max 97 OG “Metallic Gold”

This year is also the 20th anniversary of the birth of Air Max 97, so Nike specially launched the Air Max 97 OG “Metallic Gold”, and the design of this shoe is inspired by the train of the Shinkansen in Japan. The smoothness of the shoe shape creates A speed like a bullet, and this has caused many shoe players to pay little attention to this shoe. In addition to its appearance, its technology has also pioneered the full-capacity air cushion Air Max. Nowadays, wholesale jordans sale is also in order to be popular, and has introduced different color schemes, and gold is one of the most conspicuous color schemes.

In addition to being similar to the most classic Silver Bullet color, the Nike Air Max 97 OG “Metallic Gold” also has its own nickname “Golden Bull”, which is also a recognition for the golden shoes. The smooth lines of the shoes are stretched with metallic color. The classic 3M reflective strips make the original gold look sharper, while the white midsole uses the full palm exposed Air Max air cushion. It has played a role in setting up the upper, which also injects a lot of vitality into the shoes. It is conceivable that this shoe will definitely become a sharp weapon when it is worn on the street.

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In the big cities of China, cheap Jordans high shoes are also good for all kinds of people, including girls in short skirts, men in tight pants, couples shopping in high-end shopping malls in the city, and wealthy pushing babies. Although the first pair of cheap Jordans shoes appeared in China in 1996, they are now ubiquitous – in some areas, their presence is even more prevalent than in any part of the United States.

In the big cities of China, cheap Jordans high shoes are also good for all kinds of people, including girls in short skirts, men in tight pants, couples shopping in high-end shopping malls in the city, and wealthy pushing babies. Although the first pair of cheap Jordans shoes appeared in China in 1996, they are now ubiquitous – in some areas, their presence is even more prevalent than in any part of the United States.

cheap Jordans.jpg

In the vicinity of the center of Beijing’s old city, in each of the five stores adjacent to each other, each store has shoes wrapped in cellophane for 4,500 yuan ($715). One of the shopkeepers who have been in business for two years said that although the tariffs and limited supply make these shoes sell at a much higher price than the US, they are still very popular. The cheap Air Jordans sale here are also everywhere, but for a country that is good at imitation, the only difference between cheap Jordas sale and genuine products is that it is only a slightly lower price.

cheap Jordans sale.jpg

China is the largest basketball market in the world. Here, the trend of the trend can quickly sweep the city with more than 20 million people. Although Nike did not disclose the financial status of the Jordan brand, in the most recent fiscal year, China’s footwear market created Nike’s highest growth record of 26%, reaching $2 billion. In the most recent quarter, Nike’s sales increased by 30% year-on-year in areas that the company called “Great China”, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. As the Western European and US markets cool down, the region is quickly becoming an important market for the company with a market capitalization of more than 100 billion. Nike recently said that the Jordan brand generated about $2.2 billion in sales worldwide during the year, and the company expects sales to reach $4.5 billion by the end of 2020, as the Jordan brand is opening up other markets around the world.

cheap Air Jordans.jpg

In fact, these cheap Air Jordans are so popular that they even pose a potential pitfall for Nike: they may turn into a fashion that is once a fanatic. For example, Gao, who likes to collect Jordan shoes, uses most of the shoes he buys for everyday wear, not for sports. Succeeded by the support of this type of customer, this is mixed: if Jordan shoes are too hot in the streets, the brand will lose its connection with basketball, and it is this connection that makes it credible. . “We don’t want this brand to be a fashion brand,” said Jeanne Huang, a spokesperson for Nike’s China.

In the field of sportswear, fashion brands tend to fade away, while brands that focus on performance are more able to stand the test. Take Fei Le shoes as an example. In the 1990s, its popularity once soared, but the brand only attached its image to a couple of professional basketball players in the United States without doing more valuable things. Its sales It eventually fell rapidly. Adidas, Nike, and maybe Jordan, the most important reason why they have been popular for decades is that they have shaped themselves into a brand designed for athletes. “To be an evergreen basketball brand, the performance of the most important products,” said Deutsche Bank analyst David Weiner.

cheap Jordans for sale.jpg

Cheap Jordans for sale proves this: even for a successful brand, it is difficult to manage their image in China. On the one hand, no one will complain about the sharp increase in sales; on the other hand, the over-selling sales in big cities pose the risk of a decline in future sales. This is exactly what Nike’s new Jordan-centric marketing campaign has to do: be wary of Jordans for sale as a fashion that is always a fanatic.

Compared with other well-known Western brands, Nike has a long history in China. Nike’s sales in China reached $1 billion in 2008, but in recent years, the country has also become a stain in Nike’s global record.

cheap Retro Jordans.jpg

In 2013, cheap Retro Jordans caused a large excess of inventory due to its optimistic sales expectations. “Their retail partners are constantly buying more products,” said Susan Anderson, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets, who also noticed that other brands have suffered the same problem. “But suddenly, they hit the wall.” Nike’s image of a company known for its high-quality foreign products has been damaged by the old style that has been stranded on the shelves. From 2012 to 2013, Nike’s sales fell 2.5%, and its sales in the Chinese market, which it had high hopes for, fell for three consecutive quarters.

wholesale Jordans sale.jpg

Wholesale Jordans sale finally reversed the situation by a price marketing strategy that had played a role in the US market: Nike reversed the price increase, increased the price of its finely tailored inventory of fabrics, and claimed it was 4%-5% per year. The price increase is reasonable. The cheap Jordans online has grown rapidly in this recovery. It began to discuss the top players to sponsor China. Just like when he signed with Jordan, Nike, who was still a small shoe factory, suddenly became popular in big cities. “However, only a small number of Chinese consumers are buying the latest Jordan shoes purely for basketball. In fact, most of Jordan’s sales come from those who wear Jordan shoes on the street,” said Jordan’s former marketing manager. Eric Tian, ​​a partner in a picture social application company, said. He said that in China, 65% of Jordan’s sales benefit from consumers who regard it as a fashion brand, and only 35% of consumers value the performance of shoes.

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In the 1984-1985 season, David Stern, the new NBA president who took office the previous season, first appeared in the draft. In this year’s newcomers, there was the “big dream” Hakim Olajuwon. “Air Flying Pig” Charles Barkley, NBA Historical Stealing King and assists King John Stockton, and “God of Basketball” Michael Jordan.

The young man from North Carolina was selected by the Chicago Bulls, the third overall pick (the Bulls really want to thank the second-best Trail Blazers for their success).

In the summer of this year, Jordan signed a signature shoe with a small sports brand. The company was bleak at the time, but wanted to make a fortune in the rookie who had not started playing.

Jordan originally wanted to sign a contract with the big Adidas at the time, but it was not very pleasant to talk a few times. Adidas is not optimistic about this fledgling young man, not willing to spend a lot of money on him.

Instead, this small brand, very carefully created a dunk video for him, touched Jordan’s family, and also opened a five-year 2.5 million sincerity price, which has the final cooperation.

It’s risky to save money on newcomers, so Nike added four conditions to the contract: winning the rookie of the year, becoming an All-Star, averaging 20 points or more, and selling $4 million in sneakers in three years. . If you can’t do it, the five-year contract will end two years ahead of schedule. As a result, God is God, and in the first season, Jordan completed all four conditions. Became the All-Star starter, averaging 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game, winning the Rookie of the Year.

cheap Air Jordans.jpg

In 85 years, the first cheap Air Jordans was launched. In the era when players wore black and white shoes, the black and red cheap retro Jordans 1 was particularly eye-catching. It seemed that Jordan wearing it was not particularly collectivist, so Nike quickly received a ticket from the league. .

cheap retro Jordans.jpg

At that time, Nike, like the fans of Wang Ju today, was very propagandized and understood the routine. They let Jordan continue to wear Air Jordan to play, and he paid a ticket for him again and again.

In the first round of the 84-85 season’s playoffs, the 8th Bulls in the East played against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference. Although the final 131:135 was defeated, Jordan scored 63 points and set the NBA playoff history. A single-game scoring record, got the classic evaluation of Bird “is God disguised as Jordan.”

At that time, Jordan wore Air Jordan 1 High Chicago.

In the finals of the year, the Lakers defeated the Celtics 4:2. The video of the last game was sent to China’s CCTV in the past 86 years.

Once the videotape was broadcast, it caused a heated discussion among Chinese basketball fans. This is the first time the NBA event has been broadcast in China (not the highlight of sports news programs).

In 1989, David Stern personally brought the video of the NBA to CCTV, and waited for an hour in the communication room to receive the reception. He said that if CCTV needs it, the NBA can provide the event tape for free. After half an hour, the two parties sign the contract.

From 1990 to 1993, Jordan led the Chicago Bulls and won the NBA championship three times.

The memory of most Chinese fans for the NBA began from this period. Although they can be seen on CCTV, they are all broadcast videotapes, but everyone is still fascinated by such high-level events, and is fascinated by the superb skills of the flying man Jordan.

In 1994, CCTV broadcasted the All-Star Game and the finals of the year. The finals were the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks. This is the first time that domestic fans have seen live broadcasts of NBAs through CCTV.

Yao Ming, the rookie champion who joined the Houston Rockets in 2002, said that the 1994 Finals was the first NBA game he saw.

In the 94-95 season, Michael Jordan returned to the court on March 18, 1995 after a series of incidents such as his father was killed and transferred to the baseball stadium.

Despite the team’s overall strength, the Bulls ended in the second round of the playoffs, Jordan’s Air Jordan 11 has become a new generation of classics in the minds of countless fans. This is also the cheap Authentic Jordans sold out in the first two-year sale.

cheap Authentic Jordans.jpg

After the adjustment of the 95-96 season, the resurgence of the Chicago Bulls all the way to kill God, encounter Buddha to kill Buddha, return to the peak, Jordan, Pippen, Haber, Rodman, Langley, this one name In the eyes of Chinese fans, they all have a high status.

In the 96-97 season, which began in November 1996, CCTV 2 sets began to broadcast NBA events in a live broadcast every week.

At that time, the first batch of 90s had just entered elementary school. Everyone was led by Dad and brother. They saw the flying man who had been tongue-splitting on TV. He knew that he had spit on the food poisoning in the finals but still insisted on it. Playing, and finally scored 38 points to let the team beat the heroic deeds of the Jazz 4:2.

cheap Jordans sale.jpg

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Today is the NBA Media Day. In addition to the latest lineup of teams, the star’s sneakers are also one of the highlights.

To say that the shoes are on the foot, the cheap Jordans shoe is certainly the most worth seeing. Regardless of the actual combat effectiveness, the media day shoe king released himself and got a pair of cheap Air Jordans 1 “Chicago”. In the current Air Jordan 1 boom, what is more heavy than this pair, really worthy of being the shoe king.

cheap Jordans.jpg

As a strong contender for the shoe king, “First Zhan Blow” Lance Stephenson is also very interesting, with a pair of Lakers color version specially made Air Jordan 18. Based on the recently-launched Air Jordan 18, the purple paint and the “LAKERS” logo are perfectly matched with the purple gold shirt.

The most recent new shoes are the cheap Retro Jordans 33. Many players in the cheap Jordans sale team have taken the exclusive PE color matching today.

cheap retro Jordans.jpg

Nick rookie Kevin Knox got on PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt, and in the new season he will pick up the flag of PUMA basketball shoes with several other rookies.

Everyone put on new shoes, and Dwyane Wade, who is about to usher in the last season, chose a pair of Wade’s original dynasty color scheme, which seems to be reminiscing about the glory.

The new season training camp is about to begin, and Carmelo Anthony has started training in the Rocket Arena, sometimes with teammates, and sometimes alone.

Recently, his wife also sent a video of Anthony training with her son Kiyan Anthony on the social networking site.

Anthony has always been a very individual player on the court, but for his son, he is a kind father, personally coaching, guiding his son to take the ball offensive action, very patient.

Kiyan is also 11 years old. He will go to high school in a few years. He has already started to pump up. Compared with the cute childhood, he has already been a basketball teenager. When the sons of the 03 gold generation played, Dwyane Wade’s eldest son was 16 years old and already had a professional athlete’s fan; LeBron’s eldest son was 14 years old and just entered Los Angeles’ high school. The road of “future legend” has just begun.

Under the guidance of Anthony, Kiyan’s offensive posture is very different. After all, his father can be regarded as one of the best scorers of this era. Interestingly, Rocket Media also teased Anthony, wondering if he would teach his son to defend.

Anthony accepted the Rockets veteran’s basic salary contract this summer, trying to seize the opportunity to win the championship in Houston, and his family naturally supported him. Last year, his wife was separated from Anthony, probably with the intention of breaking up, but Anthony tried to maintain the marriage and eventually saved her, and the two finally reconciled. Without worry, Anthony is naturally more focused on the court.

cheap air Jordans.jpg

Tinker Hatfield’s “Manuscript” theme reappears, this time based on the Cheap Jordans Retro 6 shoe, bringing many details on the original design manuscript.

The Air Jordan 6 “Tinker” hasn’t changed in the shoes, just like the later version, and the color scheme was originally designed as the original first release.

cheap Jordans sale.jpg

The color of cheap Jordans for sale 6 is similar to the most classic white and red color, with black, white and gray as the main tone. The white leather upper is matched with the gray nub leather. The red accents are added to the details. The whole looks familiar and fresh. sense.

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P.J. Tucker is undoubtedly the NBA shoe king, so does the WNBA female basketball player have such a fanatical toe? Tamera Young of Las Vegas Aces is such a female toe, also has a collection of super-shoes, called WNBA women’s shoes!

Star, AIr Who said that the collection of shoes is exclusive to boys? Take a look at the women’s shoe king Tamera Young’s sneaker collection

cheap Air Jordans.jpg

Like everyone else, cheap Air Jordans 1 is also Tamera Young’s favorite shoe, and Air Jordan 8 also has a special status in her mind, the most favorite is the “water ghost” color. AJ11, AJ12, AJ13 and other positive generations are also her favorite shoes.

To say that she and Jordan’s relationship, not only the shoes, but also at Lenny High School, she is Jordan’s school girl, her No. 11 jersey is also tied to Jordan’s No. 23 hanging in the arena. Young also said that her shoes “nearly 500 pairs.”

Like P.J.Tucker, Tamera Young does not seem to be subject to any brand restrictions. In addition to the AJ and Nike collections, there are also a lot of adidas shoes, and even Way of Wade and FILA shoes are also on her shoe rack.

My mom never spends too much money on people who buy shoes, but I often ask my father for help, he will always help me. Said Young.

She can wear a pair of shoes every day, not repeated for a year.

cheap Retro Jordans.jpg

Despite the fact that many old cheap retro Jordans fans are often embarrassed, it is an indisputable fact that the popularity of the Dunk SB series has declined in recent years. In addition to the external rise of the Air Jordan series or the success of the Yeezy family, Nike’s lack of sincerity in the classics of the Dunk SB series in recent years is one of the reasons for its decline.

However, the recent exposure of a new pair of Humidity x Nike SB Dunk High “Trumpet” “trumpet” makes people feel as if the SB series has revived the past! The joint venture was initiated by Humidity, a local skateboarding store in New Orleans, USA, to launch the pair of sneakers for the lauded jazz history’s famous trumpeter, Louis Armstrong.

With the trumpet of the “uncle of the book”, which is almost never left, the overall body of the cheap Jordans shoe is displayed in a golden color, bringing out a strong metallic texture. The lining is accented with delicate purple velvet to show the velvet lining that is often used in vintage instrument cases.

cheap Jordans.jpg

The most exquisite detail is the red bow tie on the tongue retaining ring, which reminds people of the most classic suit of the jazz soul! The black midsole is paired with a pale gold translucent outsole, and the printed notes are visible through the outsole. The overall shape of the cheap Jordans sale gives a luxurious feeling, perfect expression of the theme inspiration, metallic luster also brings a very strong sense of street presence!

cheap Jordans sale.jpg

The Double Humidity x Nike SB Dunk High “Trumpet” will be available on September 22nd at Nike’s official website and at selected retail outlets for $110. With the sincerity of such high-standard materials, the old OG shoe fans will definitely shine! Like a friend, don’t miss this double Dunk SB boutique! We will continue to bring you more shoes related reports!

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The cheap Jordans 2018 Spring Women’s Collection features three carefully designed different shoes to highlight the colorful lifestyle of women. Inspired by Miahael Jordan’s 10 legendary moments, the cheap Air Jordans I “Season of Her” series includes 10 pairs of Air Jordan I shoes in different colors. At the same time, under the luxe satin fabric and the excellent suede leather. Air Jordan I SOH continues the spirit of the Mariacel Jordan to the field. Let the girls show their dazzling moments during the day and night.

cheap jordans.jpg

Remodeling some of the classic elements through the Air Jordan I, the most proud of the cheap Jordan shoes. The Air Jordan I Hi Zip features a premium leather and zippered upper. The exceptional red Nike Air label on the tongue adds a touch of vintage to the shoe. The cushioning effect of the insole will also enhance the wearing comfort and support of the Jordan shoes sale.

cheap jordan shoes.jpg

Nike Sportswear’s most important women’s series “The 1 Reimagined” this season, with Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 as the prototype, transformed the new 5 series, 10 shoes. These include: the adventure-oriented Explorer, the brave Lover, the intelligent thinking Sage, the rebellious Rebel, and the humorous Jester. All collections are based on an all-white design and are crafted from leather, suede and flannel. The perfect combination of sports aesthetics and fashion trends absolutely reverses the girl’s established vision of AF1 and AJ1 shoes.

The latest creations of the two classic models Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 – The 1 Reimagined “New Generation” series is the first time that an independent team of Nike interior designers has re-created Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan. I have thought about it. The 14 women behind the project (on average divided into two groups of designs) represent the unique creative capabilities of the Nike 1000-person designer team, including professionals such as color constructors, material designers and shoe designers. They will give the 1 Reimagined collection of 10 new shoes a new model and imagination. This time, Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 will no longer be shoes for men only. In The 1 Reimagined, they turned into a variety of fantasy shoes for girls. “The biggest challenge is how to make these ten pairs of shoes have their own personality, and at the same time have similarities with each other,” Georgina James said. The 1 Reimagined “Creating a New Generation” series will officially debut in NIKE & FRUITION tomorrow.

Inspired by the American version of VOGUE, Anna Wintour Anna Wentu has handwritten a large abbreviation “AWOK (Anna Wintour Okay)” on the approved editorial manuscript. The “AWOK” signature on the sole of the Air Jordan 1 Zip AWO joint shoe is like the taste of the fashion demon Anna Wintour.

cheap jordans sale.jpg

Air Jordan I Zip AWOK co-branded ultra-soft leather upper with bold metal zip and chic details, including NIKE Logo, cheap Jordans for sale, as well as sole and tongue AWOK logo. There are two colors of positive red and white.

These two co-branded shoe boxes come with two suede dust bags and an “Edited by Vogue” key ring.

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The cheap retro Air Jordans 3 SE AWOK joint shoes are available in black and red. Inspired by Anna’s iconic suit and sunglasses, the tweed is the main upper material, the AWOK lettering on the heel and the “Edited by Vogue” tag with a transparent acrylic sheet.

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The closure has become a hot topic in this year’s Sneaker shoe circle. Now everyone has to say hello before you meet: Did you close down today?

The most famous “closed blue” now has “closed blue 4.0”!

What is “closing”? The market price of the sneakers is higher and lower, lower and lower. Its antonym is “take off”. For example, you ¥2700 RMB Buy manuscript color matching Air Jordan 3 “Tinker”, now it is ¥1499 RMB, that is, it is closed! For example, Cheap Air Jordans 1 small lightning, although the market price after the sale is higher than the offer price, but the market price has been falling, so it is also known as “closing blue.”

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Holi tie dye color is also gradually lower, only the pure white Blank Canvas color is also exceptionally strong. There is also a replica of the Kobe boots Nike Kobe 1 Protro, not only the first black and yellow color matching returned to 2,000 yuan, and later white purple and black gold also fell from more than two thousand to less than two thousand. Of course, the worst is the color of the manuscript that is almost shackled. Air Jordan 3, the friend who started the high price, I am afraid that I have not returned yet…

Although it is simply the imbalance between supply and demand that causes price fluctuations, there are five direct reasons for the cheap Jordans sale market.

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You may say that the reason for the bankruptcy is that the Chinese do not like to wear blue sneakers. The color of Philippine Dong is not suitable for the streets of Asia. This makes sense! But in general, it is because of various reasons that the market can not digest so much inventory, so the price will drop. From the perspective of economics, it can’t be said that Air Jordan 1 and the Philippine Hu NMD are not good-looking. They can only say that “like people have bought them,” so there is no lower price, those who like or like slightly. Will not buy.

Shadow and Little Lightning Air Jordan 1 have follow-up replenishment in China, and Air Jordan 3 “Tinker” is a replenishment of oversized cargo. From the change in market price, you know the power of this one. .

OFF-WHITE x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The THE TEN series has not closed down! Now even the cheapest Hyperdunk 2017 has risen by more than 1K, so this pair of ultra-popular new products is also the rhythm of take-off. The current market price is above ¥5000, and there are many people who want it. Look at the price of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, it may close down.

Silk buckled Air Jordan 1 Satin

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The Satin silk version of the cheap Jordans 1 is not a large cargo and has never closed down. In addition, the color of the backboard will never take off and will not close down.